About Diadem Productions

Diadem Productions, a high-technology multimedia production company, was founded in 1996 to produce corporate and educational multimedia CD-ROMs and video productions, and we have since extended our range of services to commercial production, DVD authoring, digital cinematography, and 3D computer graphics.

Our business philosophy centers around the old-fashioned tradition of "the customer is always right." We back up all of our products with a no-questions-asked, money back guarantee. And for our services, we will negotiate up-front with you prices that are fair and reasonable, with no hidden costs, so you will know up front what your financial commitment and expected results will be. And we are always delighted to respond to your Emails or phone calls.


"In my 25+ years in the industry, I've never seen anyone produce a high quality product in such a short period of time. This guy must not sleep!"

- Rock Riddle, Producer

"Hey Nathan. We got the tape and we were really pleased. The audio and video quality was great and considering we hired folks in Seattle, El Paso, and yourself, we think you did the best job. We hired a team in Seattle that shot on HD and also did some of the main title sequences from . Yours was definitely better than theirs."

- SunnyMoon Productions
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